Endorsed By Leaders

Bob Ferguson, Washington Attorney General
Rick Larsen, Representative U.S. Congress
Kevin Ranker, State Senator
John McKay, Former U.S. Attorney
Jeff Morris, State Representative
Kris Lytton, State RepresentativeChristine M. Durham, Retired Chief Justice Utah Supreme Court




—Tom Evans, Attorney Olga WA

I have been at troubling scenes with Randall Gaylord acting in his unsung capacity as county coroner. His attention to detail for the forensics, his consideration to the family members, his overall approach to scene management, and his concern for the first responders has convinced me that he is a man of high quality and integrity, one I would trust highly and be happy to have as our PA.

—Brian Ehrmantraut, Orcas Island

Randy is one of the finest prosecuting attorneys in the state.

—Richard Settle, Professor and Preeminent Authority on State Environmental Policy

I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been the Island County Prosecutor for twenty years, and I often seek advice from Randy when faced with tough legal or ethical issues.

—Greg Banks, Island County Prosecutor

When there is a storm on the horizon and challenges ahead, you need an experienced and steady hand at the helm. Randall Gaylord is the person who is competent, responsible and trustworthy that you want in control. Re-Elect Randall.

—Peter Gaylord, American Airlines Pilot

My grandfather supported Randy from the beginning of his political career (I wonder how close Randy was to my current age then!) and my grandparent was the smartest person I’ve ever met. I also had the pleasure of working under Randy’s leadership personally while awaiting my Oregon Bar results. I wish I could vote in this election, but I strongly urge you who can to vote for competent experience!

—Kate Denning, Orcas H.S. Graduate

Smart, committed, high integrity and real. Wish I could vote for him in any election. Randal Gaylord is a colleague and law school classmate with whom I got to visit last year after decades. Just as genuine now as he was when we were idealistic students — now tempered by experience. These are unique and important qualities for someone in public service. Happy to endorse him for a position and profession to which he so clearly contributes his considerable intelligence and energy!

—Dolly Garlo, Attorney

The County is lucky to have you Randy. Good luck.

—Suzanne Skinner, Seattle University School of Law

Letters of Support

Good government is priceless.

But it’s being stolen from us.

I have 44 years of experience practicing law. Prosecutor. Assistant DA. Assistant AG. Attorney for three different police departments. City Attorney for 27 years. State Court. Federal Court. Court of Appeals. U.S. Supreme Court.

I know good government when I see it.

Randy Gaylord represents good government. His opponent does not.

Randy’s opponent makes his money mostly by suing San Juan County. In other words, by suing you, the taxpayer

Randy’s opponent has many lawsuits/claims against SJC. One of these is about placement of political signs.

There was no need for this lawsuit. No one, I repeat, no one ever questioned the lack of enforceability.

Randy’s opponent saw an opportunity to make money on this. Ride in, legal guns blazing, and shoot what amounts to a dead horse. Ask for $10,000 of taxpayer money for “saving” us from something that had never happened and would never happen.

Randy’s opponent also knows he must blame the victim. “Gaylord, you did this terrible thing. You left an ordinance on the books covering something that never happened/never would happen, and you did this because you are the incumbent and you wanted to make it tougher on your opponent.” [paraphrasing]

Yet another perfectly honest, hard-working public official spends countless, unnecessary hours defending against an opponent-opportunist intent on trashing his reputation, government, and taking taxpayer money.

The other suits — one demands $10 million against SJC — giving Randy’s opponent a typical $3 million fee of interest. Randy’s team has also been threatened. His opponent says he will file an ethics complaint unless he is paid $4,200. Alex McCloud chides Randy in that same case for making a “Federal Case” by going to Federal Court thus eliminating local bias, ensuring a fair trial, and handing off the time loss and legal defense expense to our insurance carrier.

The Art Of The Steal is playing out right here – right now – and is perfectly capable of doing the same kind of damage we see nationally. We must never, ever stop paying attention.

Tom Evans, Olga (Islands Sounder)

In the spring of 2012, Lopez residents faced the closure and privatization of our garbage, recycling, and Take-it-or-Leave-It facility. Randy Gaylord stepped up and literally came to Lopez’s rescue.

Listening to the community, Gaylord crafted a plan to carve out a Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District (LSWDD) from the county-wide district.

He then presented it to the County Council and wrote the enabling ordinance.

He drafted bylaws for the LSWDD and assisted in the drafting of property leases and in the valuation of equipment to be sold by the county.

Next, he wrote the ballot levy measure creating an annual property tax measure on Lopez in support of dump operations.

Finally, Gaylord offered advice and counsel to the new leadership of the LSWDD regarding its financial plan, and addressed remaining issues with the County Council to enable final approval of the Lopez District.

Thanks to Gaylord’s actions and legal advice, Lopez was able to keep and improve its Dump, which has proven to be a popular success. Without his timely help, it would likely not have happened.

For these actions, Randy Gaylord has earned our thanks, our praise, and our support. We urge all San Juan voters to join us in retaining Randy Gaylord as San Juan County’s able prosecuting attorney.

Signed by 4 of the originating board members of the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District.

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Sandy Bishop

Larry Eppenbach

Bruce Creps

Lopez Island

(Islands Sounder)

Mr. Gaylord:

I have attached a letter that was sent to me, and I imagine many others, by your opponent in the upcoming election, on the off chance that you have not seen it yet. It seems that your opponent, Mr. Power, left out an important fact in what I view as his major accusation. According to a January 26, 2017, article in the Islander, you excused yourself from prosecuting Officer Parker and said that you did not think it was appropriate to interfere with the Skagit Prosecutor’s decision not to do so. I consider these decisions to be highly ethical. It troubles me that a candidate for SJC Prosecuting Attorney would insinuate that you are unethical by leaving out these important facts and also by making what appears to be other hyperbolic allegations. Politics aside, by saying that he voted for Bernie Sanders in an election letter appears to be sycophancy because Mr. Sanders remains highly popular in this County. I appreciate the job you are doing for the county and wish you the best of luck in the upcoming election.


Joe Fico
Lopez Island

Pederson: Supports Gaylord for PA

Randy Gaylord has been a friend and trusted advisor to our family for nearly 25 years. In the early 1970’s I moved to Orcas Island with my husband, Dale Pederson, a retired attorney, and our five children – four of whom graduated from the Orcas Public Schools. In the early 1990’s, Randy, a young attorney, contacted Dale who helped him open a law practice here.

At the time of Dale’s death in 1996, Randy became my trusted advisor and attorney. I experienced first-hand his qualities of intelligence, knowledge of the law and personal integrity. Within a few years Randy was elected Prosecuting Attorney of San Juan County. The same qualities I admired and respected in those early years have continued to be an integral part of his work in this elected position. Please join me in supporting and voting for Randy Gaylord for the position of Prosecuting Attorney of San Juan County.

Catherine Pederson