Endorsed By Leaders

San Juan County Democrats
Bill Cumming,
Retired SJC Sheriff
San Juan Island Journal
Islands Sounder
40th Legislative District Democrats
Bob Ferguson, Washington Attorney General
Rick Larsen, Representative U.S. Congress
Kevin Ranker, State Senator
John McKay, Former U.S. Attorney
Jeff Morris, State Representative
Kris Lytton, State Representative
Christine M. Durham, Retired Chief Justice Utah Supreme Court

I’m Voting For Experience • I’m Voting For Integrity • I’m Voting For Randy


I worked for the county in a law and justice position for close to 17 years. Randy and his office always go above and beyond to thoroughly investigate each and every case that is referred to them. Yes! We are fortunate to have him and we are fortunate that he wants to serve another term. He has always had my vote and will again this year.

—Marie Johansen

Needless to say, the San Juan County Democrats have endorsed Randy Gaylord, who has the experience that matters. Readers are encouraged to vote for Randy, whose family and career show true Democratic values.

—David Dehlendorf (San Juan Island), Judy Scott (Orcas Island), Learner Limbach (Orcas Island), and Mac Langford (Lopez Island)

Having worked for and with Randy Gaylord for 13 years, he has earned my absolute support and respect. His contribution to the citizens of San Juan County and the State of Washington is, likewise, recognized by legal professionals across the state.

-Ingrid Gabriel


—Tom Evans, Attorney Olga WA

I have been at troubling scenes with Randall Gaylord acting in his unsung capacity as county coroner. His attention to detail for the forensics, his consideration to the family members, his overall approach to scene management, and his concern for the first responders has convinced me that he is a man of high quality and integrity, one I would trust highly and be happy to have as our PA.

—Brian Ehrmantraut, Orcas Island

Randy is one of the finest prosecuting attorneys in the state.

—Richard Settle, Professor and Preeminent Authority on State Environmental Policy

I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been the Island County Prosecutor for twenty years, and I often seek advice from Randy when faced with tough legal or ethical issues.

—Greg Banks, Island County Prosecutor

My grandfather supported Randy from the beginning of his political career (I wonder how close Randy was to my current age then!) and my grandparent was the smartest person I’ve ever met. I also had the pleasure of working under Randy’s leadership personally while awaiting my Oregon Bar results. I wish I could vote in this election, but I strongly urge you who can to vote for competent experience!

—Kate Denning, Orcas H.S. Graduate

Smart, committed, high integrity and real. Wish I could vote for him in any election. Randal Gaylord is a colleague and law school classmate with whom I got to visit last year after decades. Just as genuine now as he was when we were idealistic students — now tempered by experience. These are unique and important qualities for someone in public service. Happy to endorse him for a position and profession to which he so clearly contributes his considerable intelligence and energy!

—Dolly Garlo, Attorney

The County is lucky to have you Randy. Good luck.

—Suzanne Skinner, Seattle University School of Law


Power as Prosecutor Makes Us Cringe
-San Juan County Democrats

We cringe every time someone states that he/she supports Nick Power for Prosecuting Attorney because he is a progressive, a Democrat, and/or a supporter of Bernie Sanders. Those who believe that he is a progressive have been duped. Be aware that Power’s words don’t match his actions. Vote for Randy Gaylord.

In the five years he has been an attorney in Friday Harbor, Power joined the unsuccessful efforts of local property rights and anti-environmental protection individuals and organizations. He challenged the Critical Areas Ordinance, opposed the charter reform, and brought a frivolous lawsuit to unseat Jamie Stephens — Power still owes the county $10,000!

More telling is Power’s current representation of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) and Glen Morgan, both ardent opponents of labor unions and Democratic and progressive candidates, organizations, and elected officials. Power represents Morgan (a former employee of the EFF, now the executive director of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights) in four lawsuits filed in Thurston County against the Island County Democrats and the 11th, 43rd, and 46th Legislative District Democrats. Power also represents the EFF in protracted legal proceedings in King County against Service Employees International Union775.

As they say, you can learn a lot about a person by the company he keeps. The EFF is so radically anti-labor that its website says it doesn’t even recognize Labor Day as a national holiday. And Morgan has been engaged in a campaign of partisan harassment and disruption of anything and anybody Democratic over the last few years, including filing hundreds of complaints with the State Public Disclosure Commission against Democratic candidates, organizations, and elected officials.

Needless to say, the San Juan County Democrats have endorsed Randy Gaylord, who has the experience that matters. Readers are encouraged to vote for Randy, whose family and career show true Democratic values.

-David Dehlendorf (San Juan Island), Judy Scott (Orcas Island), Learner Limbach (Orcas Island), and Mac Langford (Lopez Island)

Gaylord Respected Throughout Legal Community

During my 24 years as the Sheriff of San Juan County (1987-2010) I worked with three different elected Prosecutors. Randy Gaylord was Prosecutor for 12 of those years.

I have seen first hand and up close his professional and thoughtful approach to the varied and complicated duties of Prosecutor. He is extremely organized in managing and directing his legal staff. His role of advising and representing other county officials is always based on a careful analysis of all the legal issues. In his role as Coroner, he has set the standard for other small counties throughout the state for procedure and protocol. Thorough in his research, Randy always worked hard to balance the needs of the victims, the defendant, and the county’s citizens, which can be difficult at best when taking legal action.

Randy is well respected throughout the legal community, both in our county and around the state. Our county needs an experienced and professional prosecutor. He has earned my continued support.

Please join me in voting for the re-election of Randy Gaylord as Prosecutor of San Juan County.

-Bill Cumming, San Juan County Sheriff, retired

Gaylord is Ethical, Knowledgeable, Competent, Compassionate

For 30 years I served as a criminal deputy prosecutor in Washington 26 years for the people of San Juan County, of which 20 were under Prosecuting Attorney Randy Gaylord. The people in San Juan County are fortunate that he wants to serve another term. In Randy Gaylord you have a knowledgeable, competent, compassionate and highly ethical prosecutor who knows the community.

Randy’s opponent has said he will do more to prosecute drug cases. That’s an empty promise. The sheriff’s office, not the prosecutor’s office, investigates drug cases and then refers them to the prosecutor. In the last three years, Mr. Gaylord’s office filed charges in every drug case that was referred by the sheriff’s office — that is 100%!

Mr. Power says he will be tough on drugs and would file charges even if he would not be able to prove the charges — ‘in order to send a message that the community does not tolerate drugs.’ Someone running for prosecutor should know that a prosecutor acts as a gatekeeper: one who protects victims and also protects citizens from being accused of a crime when evidence is insufficient.  A prosecutor who charges people without sufficient evidence not only abuses the power of his office, but is a bully.

Power’s criticism that Mr. Gaylord “refused” to prosecute Det. Parker reveals his lack of understanding of the ethical rules and procedures that all prosecutors follow. Because the allegations of misconduct involved a local deputy sheriff, Mr. Gaylord did what is required of an ethical prosecutor: he asked an outside agency to investigate the allegations. This was the right thing to do. Having a neutral and independent Skagit County Prosecutor determine whether charges should be filed ensured that neither bias nor improper influence played a role in the decision. There was nothing more for Mr. Gaylord to do. Randy is commended for the competent and ethical way he handled this difficult case.

-Charles Silverman


We have known Randy Gaylord for over 20 years.  We have known his family for those decades.  When we think of Randy, we do not think of him as the county prosecutor, we think of him as one of the most honorable, honest, hard-working people we know.

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about transparency in the prosecutor’s race.  Let us repeat:  Randy is one of the most honorable, honest, hard-working people we know.  Those are the very qualities that define “transparency” in context of the job of prosecutor.

We do not know Randy’s opponent.  But on the subject of “transparency” we have concerns.  We are at a loss to understand how Power will function in a county position given his incredible conflict of interest.  It seems he has lawsuits filed, or pending, against San Juan County. So what now?  Power claims he will recuse himself. Is he suggesting we vote for him, and then allow his lawsuits to continue; all the while he is serving the county.  What??

Please join us in voting for the candidate whose character and experience make him the most qualified to serve as San Juan’s County prosecutor.  Please vote for Randy Gaylord.

-Lance Evans and Janet Brownell, Orcas Island

I like to take a common sense approach to many choices I make.

When it comes to what kind of Prosecuting Attorney I want for my county I think of experience in the courtroom, a commitment to truth, justice and the rule of law, experience in government (VERY different than the private sector), compassion, and experience in managing people.

These should be basic requirements for this kind of job. But if the only requirements for this position by law are to be a member of the WA Bar then it is up to us in this community to hold this position to a higher standard.

So, I ask you to ask these questions to whichever candidate you favor, or even better, ask both, and then make your decision on your ballot…

1) how many years served as a member of the WA Bar?;
2) how many years supervising others?;
3) how much trial experience in the courtroom?; and
4) what have you done lately for this community?

The choice will be clear…RANDY GAYLORD.

-Jim Skoog, San Juan Island

Gaylord By Far the Best Choice

For County Prosecutor, by far the best choice is Randy Gaylord. He has been one of the best elected officials this county has had. He is a knowledgeable, competent, compassionate and highly ethical prosecutor who knows and is in touch with the community he serves.

Randy’s many accomplishments include writing the first ordinance that protects killer whales. This became a model for subsequent state and federal regulations.
Randy wrote the ordinance prohibiting jet skis in San Juan County. Randy receives inquiries from other states or countries asking for support as they address similar issues with jet skis. When Lopez residents faced the closure and privatization of their garbage and recycling facility, Randy crafted a plan for a Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District. He then presented it to the County Council and wrote the enabling ordinance.

Randy’s opponent, Nick Power has made empty promises about being tough on drugs. The sheriff’s office, not the prosecutor’s office, investigates drug cases and then refers them to the prosecutor. Randy’s office files charges in every drug case that they are able to make a provable case on. Power says he would even file unprovable charges. A prosecutor who charges people without sufficient evidence abuses the power of his office and wastes valuable County time and resources.

Power’s criticism that Mr. Gaylord failed to prosecute Detective Parker is a bogus accusation. Mr. Gaylord had a neutral and independent Skagit County Prosecutor determine whether charges should be filed. Randy made the right ethical decision in handling this difficult case.

Power claims to be a progressive and a Democrat. Those who believe that have been duped. Power’s words don’t match his actions. Power joined the unsuccessful efforts of local property rights and anti-environmental protection individuals and organizations. He challenged the Critical Areas Ordinance, opposed the charter reform.

Power also has represented numerous frivolous lawsuits filed against San Juan County including the recent one by the Orcas school teacher for $10,000,000 that that has already been ruled against.

San Juan County Democrats have endorsed Randy Gaylord, who has the experience that matters.

-Dan Christopherson

Gaylord Consistently Delivers

Here’s what I’ve observed in the race for County Prosecutor:

Experience: an oft-touted word by politicians – and for good reasons really. In Randy Gaylord we have an elected prosecutor with 30+ years of distinguished experience as a WA attorney, 24 as prosecutor. His many accomplishments have helped shape our islands as a friendly, environmentally conscious community. He’s served our county’s/citizens interests, from giving a voice and strong representation to victims rights, to giving us quiet summers void of jet skis and everywhere in between. Victories in court, too many to list, run the spectrum and provide us the lifestyle and community we have today.

Gaylord’s experience, maturity, understanding and appropriate application of the laws are well documented. Like him or not, bias aside, he’s delivered, and consistently.

In contrast, his opponent: Five years experience as a WA attorney – remarkably having not tried a SINGLE felony case, not even a misdemeanor case…draw your own conclusions there. Arguably, the meat of Mr. Power’s experience has been in suing the very county he wishes to represent. The Public Records Act wasn’t enacted as a cash machine for the unscrupulous… and yet he’s time and time again used it to line his pockets at the cost of every taxpayer in the county. Further, Gaylord’s opponent has pursued rash court actions to silence officials like our Auditor, to unseat school board members, and county council members. In his brief legal career in WA, a Skagit judge assessed him sanctions of $10,000 which remains unpaid.  Yep, unpaid. How does he propose to uphold the rule of law when it apparently doesn’t apply to him?

Clearly there is a lot of angst and disillusionment with regards to politics, we’ve seen what can happen when change is advocated at any cost. Our current world level crisis in politics should give pause, an unqualified loose cannon was voted into power. We got some real change all right.

Make the prudent choice. Join me in voting Gaylord for prosecutor.

-Nate Rogers

Why I Support Randy Gaylord

My 12 years of service as civil deputy prosecuting attorney in San Juan County gives me a certain perspective on the upcoming election for Prosecuting Attorney.

There are key questions voters should ask when deciding who should be Prosecuting Attorney.

1. Does the candidate have enough experience to execute the responsibilities of the job? The job of Prosecuting Attorney involves criminal misdemeanors and felony cases and a wide spectrum of areas that constitute municipal law. This includes the representation of the Assessor, Auditor, Sheriff and Treasurer as well as all county departments ranging from Health and Community Services to Public Works and the Land Bank. The Prosecutor is responsible for complex issues regarding the adoption and defense of land use regulations. He must be knowledgeable in all these areas in order to give effective representation.

The Prosecutor supervises four attorneys and seven support staff including Victim Services. The office budget is over a million dollars.

Randy Gaylord has been an attorney for over thirty years and has successfully run the office for twenty four. He has expertise in all the many areas of law required to be Prosecuting Attorney. Nick Power has five years of experience as a practicing attorney; all of it as a solo practitioner in Friday Harbor.

2. Can the candidate unequivocally advocate for San Juan County as its elected attorney? Power is currently representing seven clients with lawsuits or claims against the county totaling twelve million dollars. This creates a morass of ethical problems that will severely limit his ability to represent the County as its elected advocate.

Randy has the high level of legal experience required to do the job. He has no conflicts that prevent him from being a strong advocate for the County. I support him wholeheartedly for the office of Prosecuting Attorney.

-Karen Vedder

Why I Support Randy Gaylord

I am voting to re-elect Randy Gaylord as Prosecuting Attorney for San Juan County. Randy is smart, honest, and committed to protecting the people of San Juan County.

As a friend, I’ve spent many hours with Randy running trails all over San Juan County and in wilder parts of the West. Regardless of the weather or his physical state of exhaustion, Randy always remains calm, thoughtful, and positive. His solid character and his skill as an attorney, manager, and Prosecuting Attorney for several decades have enabled him to support the people of San Juan County through numerous landmark decisions. These include helping victims of crime, the county Jet Ski case, island-centered solid waste programs, and advancing transparent public records procedures.

As a wildlife veterinarian, I especially appreciated Randy’s early work protecting the southern resident orca. In 2008, he wrote the first ordinance that established a distance requirement between the killer whales and vessels. The next year, this novel county law became state law, and later a model for federal regulation.

Vote for experience and excellence. Vote Randy Gaylord for Prosecuting Attorney.

-Joe Gaydos, Orcas Island

Gaylord speaks for voiceless

It is necessary to protect the community, as well as to inspire. Freedom from addictions, mental illness and crime is a hope. Whether Randy Gaylord or Nick Power implements a therapeutic court, it would not be a utopian cure. Vote for victims advocate Randy Gaylord: compassion and expertise.

If utilized in San Juan County, a therapeutic court would demonstrate potential problems, as well as successes. Issues: volunteer participants only; difficulty staffing professionals in our small, remote population; a separate court. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

Deferred prosecution, jail time, probation, court-ordered counseling and groups requiring commitment and honesty can be successful. These are offered in San Juan County today, with Randy Gaylord, a devoted public servant holding accountable the guilty.

Existing is the medical model of chemical addiction. The medical model identifies recognizable signs and symptoms of a disease process. In the psycho/social model, addiction is theorized to be caused by psychological and social reason (i.e. loneliness or poverty). Qualifying me to write is decades of close involvement with chemically dependent individuals, who are deceased, as well as education in chemical dependency counseling.

Dual diagnose reflects the diagnosis of both chemical dependency and mental illness. In the Journal’s July 25 guest column, Power states that therapeutic courts “treat addiction as a mental health issue.” Is addiction caused by mental health? No. Neither emotions nor chemical imbalance excuse or absolve crimes. Who is accountable for character defects such as lying, thieving and murdering? Randy is under the ninth circuit court, working within the parameter of an extremely lenient legal jurisdiction, not of his making. I personally know he cares about the vulnerable and the voiceless.

Each individual must be willing to work for a clean and sober life. Acceptance into a treatment center for alcoholism can have barriers due to the lack of Medicaid acceptance, as well as health issues like pain management. The medical model of addiction is what our current system utilizes. We live in a culture of addiction. Each individual is ultimately responsible for his or her actions.

-Dorena West-Mooney, San Juan Island


I’d like to share three things that stand out for me about our Prosecuting Attorney/Coroner Randy Gaylord.

When a family water crashed their small airplane just off the northwest tip of Orcas<  three of the four escaped from the plane before it sank. Randy rallied all of the governmental resources he had nurtured over the years and within hours had the Coast Guard and US Navy on site. He had pledged to the family that he’d be there for them to personally recover their young daughter from the wreckage, and he did.

A body was smelled by hikers in Moran Park. The person was so decomposed that only a few obscure clues were available for investigation. Most people would have given up on trying to locate family or friends of the deceased. Randy was like a dog with a bone rounding all resources to maintain his standard of doing everything possible for everyone who dies.

A young island family facing the terminal diagnosis of the father wanted him to be buried on their multi-generation farm. Randy worked with passion to enable the family to accomplish their loved ones legal burial on their private land. Thanks to Randy we now all have the unique option of green burial in San Juan County.

I feel so fortunate to be able to vote for Randy Gaylord’s reelection to the office of Prosecuting Attorney!

-Bill Wulff, Orcas Island

Dirty campaign tricks and other forms of voter suppression are the hallmarks of current (and past) nationwide Republican election strategy. The national press abounds with examples of these activities.

For a particularly egregious example in our state, read the Seattle Timesarticle dated 10/19/18 at https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/conservative-political-group-mailer-called-blatant-voter-suppression-by-democratic-leaders/ about recent bogus campaign mailers created by right-wing Republican Glen Morgan designed to deceive Democratic voters in races for our state legislature in the 6th, 19th, and 26th legislative districts. Particularly disingenuous is the newspaper’s statement that “Morgan on Friday said he sent the mailers because he believes Democrats didn’t nominate candidates who were as progressive as that party wants to be, and he wanted to highlight that.” Since when did Democrats anoint the anti-labor and anti-Democrat Morgan to make such decisions for us?

You may ask: Why should this article concern the voters of San Juan County? For starters, local Republicans and Democrats alike should be outraged whenever there is a subversion of our electoral system and democracy by either party anywhere in the country.

Moreover, there is a link between the activities described in the Seattle Timesarticle and our county’s November 6 election for Prosecuting Attorney. The perpetrator of the described activities is none other than Glen Morgan, whom local candidate Nick Power represents in four legal cases against Island County Democrats and three Democratic Legislative District organizations. (Power also represents the anti-labor Freedom Foundation in a lawsuit against Service Employees International Union 775.) I believe that thoughtful Democratic voters for the Prosecuting Attorney position will disqualify Power, as the San Juan County Democrats did, from consideration of their vote.

Please vote for Randy Gaylord for San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney.

-David Dehlendorf, San Juan Island

I attended the recent candidates’ forum on Orcas Island and was impressed with Sheriff Ron Krebs and municipal court judge candidate Carolyn Jewett. I’m grateful for their opponents’ desire to serve, and believe both are capable of performing the basic duties of those elected offices. However, Krebs’ and Jewett’s experience and temperament clearly make them exceptional choices for those respective positions.

Unfortunately, I can’t extend the same to Nick Power, who is running against our prosecuting attorney Randy Gaylord. Full disclosure: I am a longtime friend of the Gaylords and their extended family. I have closely followed Randy’s career, and while I have occasionally challenged him on certain positions, I know him to be a highly ethical man, a well-respected manager and an enormously accomplished prosecutor. We are truly blessed to have him.

Power, on the other hand, appears to be the embodiment of the cynicism and insincerity in politics that so many of us have come to disdain.

A review of his background turned up case after case that Power lost or had dismissed outright for being “frivolous,” having “improper motives” or failing to meet basic “factual and legal requirements.” One case was so ridiculous that the judge fined Power and his client $10,000 for wasting the court’s time: Power has yet to pay up.

So when Power announced at the debate that he wants to bring “transparency” to the prosecutor’s office, I literally laughed out loud. He has yet to tell people all of the conflicts and cases we taxpayers would have to pay other attorneys to do the job of the elected prosecutor.

I encourage you do to your own research and see for yourself. You’ll surely be stumped by this fact alone: Power has clients with claims against San Juan County, the very county he now wishes to serve and defend, that exceed $10,000,000.


If that wasn’t so twisted, I’d laugh out loud again.

Re-elect Randy Gaylord!

-Andy Wickstrand

Victim Advocates Support Gaylord for Prosecutor

We are former Victim Advocates who worked closely with Randy Gaylord in the Victim Services Program, and we write to support his re-election. Randy Gaylord has proved his commitment to victims in the criminal justice system.

Randy applied for grant funding to create the Victim Services Program for San Juan County, which opened its doors in 1998. Since then, each of us has had the privilege of working with victims in a Prosecutor’s Office that commands an understanding of the complex and sensitive needs of crime victims; that brings respect and empowerment to victims; and that properly uses the criminal justice system to hold offenders accountable and protect the rights of those harmed by crime.

Those of us who were present know that his opponent misrepresented Randy’s leadership in uncovering the misconduct of a detective. From our perspective, Randy did the right thing in that difficult case and time and again he has correctly balanced his ethical duties, responsibility to the victim, and safety of the community.

Having worked with Randy and the victims who come through his office, we support Randy as the Prosecutor who will continue to competently uphold the law, diligently protect victims, and honor their rights.

-Sandra Burt, MSW, Victim Advocate 1998-2001 and 2010-2015
-Christine Miller, Victim Advocate 2012-2017
-Liz Pillow, Victim Advocate 2002-2012
-Susan Kimball, Victim Advocate 2004-2010
-Karen Kunde, Victim Advocate 2000 – 2004

Why I Support Randy Gaylord for Prosecuting Attorney

I support Randy Gaylord for Prosecuting Attorney because has demonstrated exceptional leadership during his many years in that position. He has continued to advocate for the rights of the members of our community and for environmental protection of our islands. Just two examples: Randy has been a leader in protecting the rights of victims of crimes and in protecting our environment and our quality of life including many land use cases and protection of Orca whales. In addition, he has held leadership positions as president of the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys and the Washington Association of County Officials, which in both cases increased his knowledge and expertise as our prosecuting attorney.

Randy has the personal qualities of an exceptional leader: honesty, integrity, passion, compassion, creativity, pride in his work. He brings energy, experience, wisdom and talent to this important position.

Today, it is critical that we elect to public office: a) someone who is genuinely committed to serving all the people they represent, b) someone whose motives we can trust, c) someone who understands what their position requires of them and has demonstrated the ability to serve the members of their community well.

Randy Gaylord has consistently demonstrated these leadership qualities time and again in many challenging legal contexts. He will continue to serve us well with our support.

-Art Lange, Eastsound

This letter is in support of the reelection of Randy Gaylord for County Prosecutor. For years, he has been a clear-headed guardian of County law.

But even more, he has been a courageous defender of the quality of life here in the San Juan Islands. Just one example: I witnessed his persistence in banning jet skis in these waters. Together with environmental lawyers from throughout the country, he helped to protect not only the property rights of people affected by the noise pollution of personal watercraft, but also the property’s rights – the inhabitants of the waters themselves, the food for the orcas, the seals, and the tiny organisms that keep the waters and those that live in them healthy. The damage to these waters would have been huge without his help and that of the community that worked together to preserve them.

We owe Randy a debt of gratitude for countless other acts that have had a positive impact on our community. My vote goes to him this November.

-Wendy E Shepard, San Juan Island

Randy Gaylord, in addition to his other roles, in our small county serves as our County’s coroner and medical examiner. In a small community such as ours, this is a difficult and emotional role, and requires care and empathy to carry out well.

I have been on-scene with Randy, as a first responder, and observed first-hand his attention to detail, his honoring of, and sensitivity to, the circumstances and the deceased, and his supportive attitude towards family members and first responders.

I have seen Randy diligently and respectfully perform this role in quite trying circumstances, over and over, and he has my trust and respect.

I encourage you to lend him your support.

—Brian Ehrmantraut

I am writing this letter in support of Randy Gaylord for County Prosecutor.

I have lived in San Juan County for over 20 years and have gotten to know Randy as a parent and as a prosecutor. I appreciate his willingness to engage in conversation when I have stopped to ask him about current cases in our courts. Being able to engage elected officials is important.

After taking a group of 4H students to Olympia for 4 days to study the Judicial system through the “Know Your Government” program (KYG) Randy was more than happy to meet with them and discuss his job, cases he has tried and answered their questions. His candor and friendliness was appreciated by the students and we all learned a lot.

Thank you for reading this and please join me in voting for Randy Gaylord for County Prosecutor.

-Kathy Morris, Orcas

Three reasons to re-elect Randy Gaylord 

1. Six years ago, when The Exchange was competing for the contract to run the Orcas Transfer Station, Randy was among the first to recognize the exciting possibilities local control could bring, and he was there to help realize that vision.

2. Ten years ago, as a new executive director of The Funhouse, I was having problems with a certain parent who regularly showed up late–and intoxicated–to pick up his kids. I called Randy. He provided the tools I needed to work through the situation.

3. Twelve years ago, when I had been on Orcas for less than a year, I showed up for my first January 25k race in Moran State Park in a cotton sweatshirt, and with no water bottle. With a smile, he explained my mistakes in preparation, dug into his equipment bag and gave me the gear I needed–saving me from what would have been a miserable experience.

Randy’s not just a great prosecutor. It is also the decades of experience and commitment to this community that make him right for the job. As he proved to me, he will also give you the (long-sleeve technical running) shirt off his back!

Pete Moe
Executive Director, Orcas Recycling Services/The Exchange

Having managed lawyers with some of the largest law firms in Seattle and across the nation, I can say with first-hand certainty that Randy Gaylord has put together a highly competent, professional, effective and seamless team of prosecutors and support staff that exhibits legal skill and acumen on par with any I have experienced throughout my legal career.

Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, Randy and his team reflect the attitudes and standards consistent with those of the community which he represents. As long-time residents of the County, Randy and his family are our friends and neighbors, active in many local organizations and activities, and genuinely care about the safety and well-being of us all.

It is this combination of professionalism, tempered by a well-seasoned understanding and appreciation of the unique island community which he serves, that causes me to lend my wholehearted support to Randy Gaylord for re-election to the office of San Juan County Prosecutor.

Jack B. Coe, Esq., Orcas Island

I recently testified in the court of San Juan County. I want to commend Carolyn Jewett DPA, Kim Lambie and Heather Smith for the excellent work they do for the San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

I have testified in over 70 cases and 20 different judicial venues in my career as a physician. Scheduling, rearrangement, postponements and subpoenas are the curse of witnesses. Kim and Heather work hard to make a system fraught with scheduling frustrations very human-friendly and manageable. Prosecutor Jewett knows the law, and her in-court case control is excellent. In my opinion, they and the entire SJCDA office are the best teams I have experienced in over 46 years of testifying.

Kudos to Randall Gaylord, JD for his management of this efficient and witness-friendly office and staff.

Warren Appleton

Dustrude: Supports Gaylord for Prosecuting Attorney

Randy Gaylord has been doing a terrific job as county prosecutor. His most dramatic accomplishment was getting jet skis banned in the county (over the opposition of big corporations such as Kawasaki).

He has quietly created support services for crime victims, in particular for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

He has fulfilled the duties both of prosecutor and coroner with integrity, skill, and grace.

Please join me in supporting him for re-election this fall.

Louise DustrudeFriday Harbor

Gaylord’s Commitment to Community Proven

As a police officer for 34 years, the first 28 in San Diego, the last six (1994 – 2000) as Seattle’s police chief, I am honored to endorse Randy Gaylord for reelection as our Prosecuting Attorney.

I have known Randy for as long as I’ve lived here on Orcas (over 17 years) and have enjoyed several in-depth conversations with him on key criminal justice issues facing the residents of San Juan County. I’ve also had an opportunity to observe his administration of the prosecutor’s office, his handling of an ever-increasing caseload, and his commitment to community involvement and leadership.

I can say without hesitation that Randy Gaylord has the knowledge, skills, temperament, and integrity needed to lead the vital and complex work of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Please join me in voting for Randy Gaylord as our Prosecuting Attorney.

Norm Stamper

I’m writing to urge the voters of San Juan County to vote for Randy Gaylord in the upcoming election. I’ve known Randy and his family for over 25 years. I have always appreciated the integrity that Randy brings to his job as our prosecutor. I’ve also valued the support that he’s offered in his capacity as prosecutor to those of us that also work for the public. I believe that Randy has the necessary qualifications that we should all demand of our prosecuting attorney: knowledge, integrity and compassion – he’s demonstrated his astuteness and those virtues for almost 25 years. I wonder if his opponent can do the same.

Randy cares about our county and the people in it. He has the experience and the passion to continue doing the job. You can’t ask for more in a public servant!

Cathy Ferran, Orcas Island

Gaylord Has Earned Your Vote

As General Counsel for the largest public employee labor union in Orange County, California, I represent working people at scores of municipal offices, including those of the District Attorney and Public Defender. I know from my own experience how fortunate San Juan County residents are to have a Prosecuting Attorney with the integrity and experience of Randy Gaylord, and I strongly support his re-election.

The qualities of an effective prosecutor – like a commitment to justice, a sophisticated understanding of people and their motivations, and an ability to determine and prioritize the needs of the public – are qualities Randy has consistently demonstrated since he was first elected Prosecutor in 1994. He understands the importance of the work performed by public sector workers and is a strong advocate for their economic security. And every day Randy models the conviction and strength of character necessary to successfully further the cause of justice with fairness, compassion, and empathy.

Randy Gaylord has been a great Prosecuting Attorney. Whether expanding crime victim services, protecting our islands, or mentoring young prosecutors, Randy has served us with commitment and distinction. He has earned and deserves your vote for reelection as Prosecuting Attorney in November.

Don Drozd

Good government is priceless.

But it’s being stolen from us.

I have 44 years of experience practicing law. Prosecutor. Assistant DA. Assistant AG. Attorney for three different police departments. City Attorney for 27 years. State Court. Federal Court. Court of Appeals. U.S. Supreme Court.

I know good government when I see it.

Randy Gaylord represents good government. His opponent does not.

Randy’s opponent makes his money mostly by suing San Juan County. In other words, by suing you, the taxpayer

Randy’s opponent has many lawsuits/claims against SJC. One of these is about placement of political signs.

There was no need for this lawsuit. No one, I repeat, no one ever questioned the lack of enforceability.

Randy’s opponent saw an opportunity to make money on this. Ride in, legal guns blazing, and shoot what amounts to a dead horse. Ask for $10,000 of taxpayer money for “saving” us from something that had never happened and would never happen.

Randy’s opponent also knows he must blame the victim. “Gaylord, you did this terrible thing. You left an ordinance on the books covering something that never happened/never would happen, and you did this because you are the incumbent and you wanted to make it tougher on your opponent.” [paraphrasing]

Yet another perfectly honest, hard-working public official spends countless, unnecessary hours defending against an opponent-opportunist intent on trashing his reputation, government, and taking taxpayer money.

The other suits — one demands $10 million against SJC — giving Randy’s opponent a typical $3 million fee of interest. Randy’s team has also been threatened. His opponent says he will file an ethics complaint unless he is paid $4,200. Alex McCloud chides Randy in that same case for making a “Federal Case” by going to Federal Court thus eliminating local bias, ensuring a fair trial, and handing off the time loss and legal defense expense to our insurance carrier.

The Art Of The Steal is playing out right here – right now – and is perfectly capable of doing the same kind of damage we see nationally. We must never, ever stop paying attention.

Tom Evans, Olga (Islands Sounder)

Gaylord Works on Behalf of County Land Use/Records case explained

I am compelled to write this letter to share my support for Randy Gaylord’s re-election.

Many have written about a records lawsuit filed in my name, all without benefit of a personal interview. The case did not start about records, it was about the land use code.

I went to an attorney with the expectation land use codes apply the same to each of us and Mr. Power turned it into a records case.

Shortly after signing his contract, he requested I sign a new contract with an associate, a well-known attorney he utilized in records cases around the region. Her contract stated she was lead and he would assist, and both would provide monthly billing statements which was not the case. Mr. Power was lead while co-counsel assisted. Co-counsel sent monthly billing for her small amount of time while Mr. Power never did. Mr. Power also requested I front each of them $2000 for expenses.

The County quickly offered to settle. I was to receive $22,501.00 which I intended to donate, and Mr. Power would receive reasonable attorney fees. Mr. Power asked for attorney fees of $29,942.75 ($330 per hour), which I was not made aware of until the court hearing in Skagit County. The County objected to the amount, and upon learning his charge to handle a single complaint I too was naturally upset. Rather than Mr. Power arguing his own fees, he used co-counsel to defend him and charged me. Ironically, after defending their attorney’s fees, ended up with $51,000 ($27,000 to Power and $24,000 to co-counsel for defending Mr. Power’s attorney fees).

Mr. Power claims to be the candidate of transparency and honesty but his actions reflect his self- interest.

Randy Gaylord has worked on our County’s behalf for years and deserves our votes.

Sheryl Albritton

Gaylord’s Dedicated Service as Prosecutor

I have known Randy Gaylord as a good neighbor, a fellow parent and a dedicated public servant. During his 24 years as San Juan County prosecutor, he has shown an incomparable dedication to protecting our island communities.

He has a long list of accomplishments, but two especially impress me: ordinances that Randy authored with far-reaching consequences for our environment: the prohibition of jet skis in San Juan County and the establishment of a distance required to keep vessels from disturbing orcas in our surrounding waters.

Through his hard work and dedication on these issues, he has protected our environment, our way of life, and our beloved killer whales.

I know how deeply Randy cares about these islands and the people who inhabit them. He brings passion, intelligence, and years of experience to the job of the county prosecutor. Let’s keep him in office for another four years of good, dedicated governance. Please vote!

Lyn PerryOrcas Island

In the spring of 2012, Lopez residents faced the closure and privatization of our garbage, recycling, and Take-it-or-Leave-It facility. Randy Gaylord stepped up and literally came to Lopez’s rescue.

Listening to the community, Gaylord crafted a plan to carve out a Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District (LSWDD) from the county-wide district.

He then presented it to the County Council and wrote the enabling ordinance.

He drafted bylaws for the LSWDD and assisted in the drafting of property leases and in the valuation of equipment to be sold by the county.

Next, he wrote the ballot levy measure creating an annual property tax measure on Lopez in support of dump operations.

Finally, Gaylord offered advice and counsel to the new leadership of the LSWDD regarding its financial plan, and addressed remaining issues with the County Council to enable final approval of the Lopez District.

Thanks to Gaylord’s actions and legal advice, Lopez was able to keep and improve its Dump, which has proven to be a popular success. Without his timely help, it would likely not have happened.

For these actions, Randy Gaylord has earned our thanks, our praise, and our support. We urge all San Juan voters to join us in retaining Randy Gaylord as San Juan County’s able prosecuting attorney.

Signed by 4 of the originating board members of the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District.

Page Read, Sandy Bishop, Larry Eppenbach, Bruce Creps, Lopez Island

I’m writing to urge the voters of San Juan County to vote for Randy Gaylord in the upcoming election. I’ve known Randy and his family for over 25 years. I have always appreciated the integrity that Randy brings to his job as our Prosecutor. I’ve also valued the support that he’s offered in his capacity as prosecutor to those of us that also work for the public. I believe that Randy has the necessary qualifications that we should all demand of our Prosecuting Attorney: KNOWLEDGE, INTEGRITY AND COMPASSION – he’s demonstrated his astuteness and those virtues for almost 25 years. I wonder if his opponent can do the same.

Randy cares about our county and the people in it. He has the experience and the passion to continue doing the job. You can’t ask for more in a public servant!

Cathy Ferran


Mr. Gaylord:

I have attached a letter that was sent to me, and I imagine many others, by your opponent in the upcoming election, on the off chance that you have not seen it yet. It seems that your opponent, Mr. Power, left out an important fact in what I view as his major accusation. According to a January 26, 2017, article in the Islander, you excused yourself from prosecuting Officer Parker and said that you did not think it was appropriate to interfere with the Skagit Prosecutor’s decision not to do so.

I consider these decisions to be highly ethical. It troubles me that a candidate for SJC Prosecuting Attorney would insinuate that you are unethical by leaving out these important facts and also by making what appears to be other hyperbolic allegations.

Politics aside, by saying that he voted for Bernie Sanders in an election letter appears to be sycophancy because Mr. Sanders remains highly popular in this County. I appreciate the job you are doing for the county and wish you the best of luck in the upcoming election.

Joe Fico, Lopez Island

Pederson: Supports Gaylord for PA

Randy Gaylord has been a friend and trusted advisor to our family for nearly 25 years. In the early 1970’s I moved to Orcas Island with my husband, Dale Pederson, a retired attorney, and our five children – four of whom graduated from the Orcas Public Schools. In the early 1990’s, Randy, a young attorney, contacted Dale who helped him open a law practice here.

At the time of Dale’s death in 1996, Randy became my trusted advisor and attorney. I experienced first-hand his qualities of intelligence, knowledge of the law and personal integrity. Within a few years Randy was elected Prosecuting Attorney of San Juan County. The same qualities I admired and respected in those early years have continued to be an integral part of his work in this elected position. Please join me in supporting and voting for Randy Gaylord for the position of Prosecuting Attorney of San Juan County.

Catherine Pederson





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