Randy Gaylord Wins 2018 Re-Election Bid

A Message From Randy:

I am humbled by the terrific outcome in the 2018 General Election for San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney. Here are the results after the second day of counting.

A 25 percent margin of victory, almost doubling the spread from the primary election in August. I am very pleased indeed, and wish to express my thanks to every voter and every person I met along the campaign trail! #teamgaylord

Endorsed By Leaders

San Juan County Democrats
40th Legislative District Democrats
Progressive Voter Guide
Journal of the San Juan Islands
Bob Ferguson, Washington Attorney General
Rick Larsen, Representative U.S. Congress
Kevin Ranker, State Senator
John McKay, Former U.S. Attorney
Jeff Morris, State Representative
Kris Lytton, State Representative
Christine M. Durham, Retired Chief Justice Utah Supreme Court


We must endorse San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney Randall Gaylord and Sheriff Ronald Krebs for re-election. Their opponents, local attorney Nick Power and deputy Jeff Asher, are simply not suitable for the positions.

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Re-Elect Randall Gaylord, Prosecutor (D)Proven Experience, Proven Integrity.

I am proud of my record during 24 years as your Prosecutor.

I grew up in a family that valued public service. I married Marny, a teacher, and we raised our children on Orcas. Here we taught the values of listening, community, independence, and safety. My respect for people and their legal rights leads to decisions that stand the test of time.

When upholding the laws I bring integrity and impartiality. In criminal cases, I represent all the people. I select charges that fit. I seek out options for resolving cases, ever mindful of crime victims. I advise other elected officials on laws that protect the public interest and an open government.

As Coroner, I am proud to bring dignity and compassion to difficult moments.


Protecting Our People, Protecting Our Islands.

I’m Voting For Experience • I’m Voting For Integrity • I’m Voting For Randy

“Good Government is Priceless…Randy is Good Government”

Gaylord is Ethical, Knowledgeable, Competent, Compassionate

Gaylord is Ethical, Knowledgeable, Competent, Compassionate

For 30 years I served as a criminal deputy prosecutor in Washington: 26 years for the people of San Juan County, of which 20 were under Prosecuting Attorney Randy Gaylord. The people in San Juan County are fortunate that he wants to serve another term. In Randy Gaylord you have a knowledgeable, competent, compassionate and highly ethical prosecutor who knows the community.

Randy’s opponent has said he will do more to prosecute drug cases. That’s an empty promise. The sheriff’s office, not the prosecutor’s office, investigates drug cases and then refers them to the prosecutor. In the last three years, Mr. Gaylord’s office filed charges in every drug case that was referred by the sheriff’s office — that is 100%!

Mr. Power says he will be tough on drugs and would file charges even if he would not be able to prove the charges — ‘in order to send a message that the community does not tolerate drugs’. Someone running for prosecutor should know that a prosecutor acts as a gatekeeper: one who protects victims and also protects citizens from being accused of a crime when evidence is insufficient. A prosecutor who charges people without sufficient evidence not only abuses the power of his office, but is a bully.

Power’s criticism that Mr. Gaylord “refused” to prosecute Det. Parker reveals his lack of understanding of the ethical rules and procedures that all prosecutors follow. Because the allegations of misconduct involved a local deputy sheriff, Mr. Gaylord did what is required of an ethical prosecutor: he asked an outside agency to investigate the allegations. This was the right thing to do. Having a neutral and independent Skagit County Prosecutor determine whether charges should be filed ensured that neither bias nor improper influence played a role in the decision. There was nothing more for Mr. Gaylord to do. Randy is commended for the competent and ethical way he handled this difficult case.

Charles Silverman
Formerly San Juan Island

Lopezians for Randy

Progressive Voter Guide Endorsement

Randall K. Gaylord is running for re-election to the office of Prosecuting Attorney for San Juan County. Throughout his 24 years in elected office, Gaylord has served with distinction and has prioritized safeguarding the community. Gaylord is known for his strong ethical standards and for valuing the impartiality of the law. He believes in the responsibility of representing all the people and keeping victims in mind when resolving criminal cases. In addition to prosecuting crimes, Gaylord also advises elected officials on legal matters that influence open government and community safety.

Gaylord is facing a challenge from conservative local attorney Nick Power. In his private practice Power has represented far-right organizations and individuals that have attacked labor unions and local Democratic Party organizations. Based on his record of public service and support from the legal community, Gaylord is the best choice in the race.

“Readers are encouraged to vote for Randy Gaylord for prosecuting attorney in the Nov. 6 election. Only Randy has the ability, experience and true Democratic values that merit your vote.”

San Juan County Democrats say ‘Yes for Randy’

Readers are encouraged to vote for Randy Gaylord for prosecuting attorney in the Nov. 6 election. Only Randy has the ability, experience and true Democratic values that merit your vote.

We are astonished when people state they support his opponent Nick Power because he is a progressive Democrat, and supporter of Bernie Sanders. Those who believe this have been duped. Power’s actions don’t match his words.

In the five years he has been an attorney in Friday Harbor, Power joined the unsuccessful efforts of local property rights and anti-environmental protection individuals and organizations.

He challenged the critical areas ordinance, opposed the charter reform and brought a frivolous lawsuit to unseat Jamie Stephens. Power still owes the county $10,000. (Editor’s note: Power maintains that in general, he did not oppose CAO, and that he was in favor of some of the charter amendments. He told the Journal that the Stephens lawsuit is now before the Washington Supreme Court.)

More telling is Power’s legal representation of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation and Glen Morgan, both ardent opponents of labor unions and Democratic and progressive candidates and organizations. Power represents the EFF in protracted legal proceedings in King County against Service Employees International Union 775. Power also represents Morgan — a former employee of the EFF, now the executive director of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights — in four lawsuits in Thurston County against the Island County Democrats and the 11th, 43rd and 46th Legislative District Democrats. To receive a copy of the corresponding court documents, email [email protected].

As they say, you can learn a lot about a person by the company he keeps. The EFF is so radically antilabor that its website brags that it doesn’t even recognize Labor Day as a national holiday. And Morgan has been engaged in a campaign of partisan harassment of anything Democratic over the last few years, including filing hundreds of complaints with the Public Disclosure Commission against Democratic candidates, organizations and elected officials. None have been filed against Republicans. No wonder the San Juan County Democrats have endorsed Randy Gaylord.

David Dehlendorf, San Juan Island

Judy Scott, Orcas Island

Learner Limbach, Orcas Island

Mac Langford, Lopez Island

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